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They see television ruining their children, and they ignore it. They see violence and “losing” used as “enter-tainment,” and deny the contradiction. They observe that tobacco harms the body, and pretend it does not. They see a father who is drunken and abusive, and the whole family denies it, letting no one say a word about it. Latest Version 400-051 Study Guides for CCIE.

There would be no argument. He would simply lay down his body—literally leaving the body there for you. He would then create another body if he chose to, by coming into 070-483 Exam Material physicality again as a fully formed being, or by returning as the newly conceived offspring of a lov-ing pair of other beings. Exambible 400-051 Ebook Pdf Dumps.

Ensure Pass 400-051 Ebook Pdf Exam Topics. This is by far the preferred method of reentry into physicality, because no one is more honored in highly evolved societies than newly created offspring, and the opportunities for growth are unparalleled.

There is no concept of “ownership” or “loss” in a so-ciety of HEBs, who understand that they are not physi-cal beings, but beings being physical. They also understand that all beings proceed from the same source, and thus, We Are All One. Best Cisco 400-051 Practice Note.

No, mainly because a highly evolved being shares everything he has, and would give you anything you sought to take by force. He does this out of his aware-ness that everything belongs to everyone anyway, and that he can always create 400-051 Ebook Pdf more of what he “gave away if he HP2-B100 Technology Course really desires it. 400-051 Ebook Pdf Practice Note Exams Answers.

No. No “ka-boom.” There is no “trial” or “punish-ment,” just a simple observation of “what’s so,” and ‘~ works.” 400-051 Ebook Pdf Labs Tests.

Where does a HEB learn all this stuff? In school?

In HEB societies, beings acknowledge everything they see. In human societies, many deny what they see. Cisco 400-051 Book Exam Topics.

The Triangular Code (these are not really codified “rules,” but this is the best term one can find in your lan-guages) is not something which is “pounded into” the young HEB, but something which is acquired—almost by osmosis—through the behaviors modeled for the “child” by “adults.” What'S New With 400-051 Ebook Pdf Certification Study Material.

It would never occur to HEBs to place their 400-051 Ebook Pdf offspring for many hours in front of a device that shows pictures of behaviors they’d like their offspring to avoid. Such a decision would be, to a HEB, incomprehensible.

Let me go back a bit. I know You said there are no “laws,” as uch. But what if someone does not behave according to the Triangular Code”? Then what? Ka-boom?

400-051 Ebook Pdf Answers Practice Note. I will say again that the difference between HEB so-ciety and human society breaks down to one really very simple element, which we shall call truthful observa-tion.

He is simply allowed to correct his mistake. Using the Triangular Code, he is first made aware of all the outcomes related to something he has thought or said or done. Then he is allowed to assess and declare his role in producing those outcomes. Finally, he is given an opportunity to take responsibility for those out-comes by CCIE Collaboration putting corrective or remedial or healing measures into place.

It is carefully explained that “what’s so”—what the being has done-is now at variance with “what works,” and that when something does not work for the group, it ultimately will not work for the individual, because the individual is the group, and the group is the individ-ual. All HEBs “get” this very quickly, usually early in what you would call youth, and so it is extremely rare that a mature HEB is found to act in a way which pro-duces a “what’s so” that is not “what works.”

Accurate Answer 400-051 Ebook Pdf PDF Answers Exams Cert. And there truly are no wars and/or conflicts?

Highly evolved beings have decided long ago that this is how A2010-040 PDF demo they choose to live together. They’ve made this choice based not on a moral structure or spiritual revelation that some other being or group has brought forth, but, rather, on a simple observation of what is so, and what works.

What if he refuses to do so?

There is no “school system” in a HEB society, merely a process of education by which offspring are reminded of “what’s so,” and “what works.” Offspring are raised by elders, not by those who conceive them, though they are not necessarily separated from their “parents” during the process, who may be with them whenever they wish, and spend as much time with them as they choose.

Unlike your society, in which adults model behav-iors opposite to those which they want their children to learn, in highly evolved cultures adults understand that children do what they see others doing.

400-051 Ebook Pdf 312-49V8 Labs VCE demo Exam Profile. In what you would call “school” (actually, best trans-lated as “learning time”), offspring set their own “cur-riculum,” choosing which skills they would like to acquire, rather than being told what they are going to have to learn. Motivation is thus at its highest level, and life skills are acquired quickly, easily, and joyfully.

400-051 Ebook Pdf Questions PDF Exam Training. But when one does?

Course Introduction Cisco 400-051 Pdf. I know You said this before . . . but even if someone was threatening a HEB with his life, there would still be no con-flict?

Latest Upload 400-051 Ebook Pdf Exam Pdf Book. HEBs have no fear of what your culture calls “death,” because H EBs know that they live forever, and it 000-156 PDF demo is just a matter of what form they are going to take. HEBs can live in a physical body usually indefinitely, be-cause a HEB has learned to take care of the body, and the environment. If for some reason having to do with the physical Cisco 400-051 Ebook Pdf laws a HEB’s body is no longer functional, the HEB simply leaves it, joyfully returning its physical matter to the All of Everything for “recycling.” (What you understand as “dust into dust.”)

How To Pass 400-051 Ebook Pdf Review Questions. It would be equally incomprehensible, if a HEB did do this, to then deny that the pictures had anything to do with their offspring’s suddenly aberrant behaviors.

A highly evolved being would never refuse to do so. It is inconceivable. He would then not be a highly evolved being, and you are now talking about a differ-ent level of sentient being altogether.