Krai Avenue, Kuala Krai

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LOT 1450 (3534), Mukim Kuala Nal, Daerah Batu Mengkebang , Jajahan Kuala Krai, Kelantan Darul Naim.
Developer: LCK Holdings

Kuala Krai Avenue is strategically located by the main road of Jalan Gua Musang- Kota Bharu and it’s took about 10 minutes to Kuala Krai Town and it is easy accessable  to Kota Bahru Town Centre. With the present growth in Kuala Krai, Kuala Krai Avenue offers comfort, convenience and  a conductive environment to people around this area.

The list of our project:
Type A: 3 Storey Shop Office 20′x80′-12 Units (OPEN FOR REGISTRATION)
Type B: 3 Storey Shop Office 20′x80 ‘- 14 Units
Type C1: 3 Storey Terrace 22′x80 – 14 Units (OPEN FOR REGISTRATION)
Type C2: 3 Storey Terrace 22′x80 – 12 Units
Type D: 3 Storey Terrace 22′x80 -30 Units
Type E: 22 Storey Semi-D Industry 40′x70 ‘- 4 Units

Location and Distance: –

– 7.3 km to Bandar Kuala Krai
– 7.5 km to Kuala Krai
– 5.6 km to Fair Guchil
– 18.2 km to Bandar Machang
– 23.6 km to Bandar Tanah Merah
– 63.0 km to Kota Bharu


ETERNAL Ownership (There is no any requirement imposed)
-Bank loans up 85%
-Free SPA legal fees, Disbursement & Stamp Duty (Developer Solicitor Panel Only)
-Projects have approved by the State Government
-In-front of main road Gua Musang-Kota Bharu
-Current Population is 104,234 people (Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia 2010)
-The center of the resort of many interesting and appropriate for the growth of the Hospitality Industry and Commerce
-There is Komuter Centre (KTM) which is connected Tumpat – Gua Musang
-This site is connected via Lebuhraya Kuala Krai-Gua Musang
-Located strategically at the Center of Krai Eco Park

Ability: –

Budget hotels, shops, Supermarket, Pharmacy, Clinic, Tuition Centre, furniture shops, workshops vehicles, Fast-Food Restaurant, and so on.

Design and Specification:-

-Custom modern and current outputs as well as a practical soft floor suitable for commercial and office lot.
– Selling price is much cheaper and profitable to the characteristics and modern design
-The space sufficient for car park

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