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What many of the psychics are saying about the Earth changes is true. They have opened a window onto the “future,” and they have seen it. The question is, which “future” have they seen? As with the end of the game on the CD-ROM, there is more than one version. Latest Release SOA Certified Professional S90-04A Syllabus Exams Question.

How do I do that? How can I affect such a large outcome? What should we do in the face of all these predictions of disas-ter by persons of psychic or spiritual “authority”? Useful S90-04A Training Resources Premium Exam.

In many ways, life is like a CD-ROM. All the possi-bilities exist and 200-310 Dumps have already occurred. Now you get to select which one you choose to experience. Useful SOA Certified Professional S90-04A Review Questions.

What, that every ending, and every twist and turn pro-ducing that ending, is already programmed on the disc? There’s nothing “spooky” about it. It’s just technology.

Topdump SOA Certified Professional S90-04A Gold Standard. Actually, all of the versions S90-04A Training Resources have already happened. Remember, time—

In one version, the Earth will be in upheaval. In an-other version, it won’t.

Accurate Answer SOA Certified Professional S90-04A Exam Material PDF Answers. So God is nothing more than a CD-ROM?

Go inside. Search your place of inner wisdom. See what this calls on you to do. Then do it.

Won’t You tell us S90-04A Training Resources how this will all turn out?

And if you think that the technology of video games is something, wait ‘til you see the technology of the uni-verse!

Most important of all, do not be afraid. You cannot “die” in any event, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Be aware of The Process unfolding, and quietly know that everything is going to be okay with you.

SOA Certified Professional SOACP S90-04A Training Resources Study Material Question Sets. Think of the Cosmic Wheel as that CD-ROM. All the endings already exist. The universe is just waiting to see which one you choose this time. And when the game is over, whether you win, lose, or draw, the universe will say, “Want to play again?”

That’s spooky. Almost surreal.

So everything’s happening at once.

If that means write your politicians and your indus-trialists, asking them to take action on environmental abuses that could lead to Earth changes, do it. If that means bringing your community leaders together to work on the Y2K problem, do it. And if that means just walking your path, sending out positive energy every day, and keeping those around you from falling into a panic which brings on a problem, E20-538 VCE Dumps do it. Training Resources S90-04A Exam Prep for SOACP.

I wouldn’t put it that way, exactly. But throughout this dialogue I have 70-533 Exam Answers been trying to use illustrations that embody concepts everyone can hold in their under-standing. So I think the CD-ROM illustration is a good one.

Right again. 9A0-160 Dumps All that has ever happened, is happening now, and ever will happen, exists right now. just as all the moves in the computer game HP3-L04 Practice Lab exist right now on that disc. So if you think it would be interesting for the doomsday predictions of the psychics to come true, focus all your at-tention on that, and you can draw that to yourself. And if you think SOA Certified Professional S90-04A Training Resources you would like to experience a different reality, focus on that, and that is the outcome you can draw to you.

Your computer disc doesn’t care whether you win or not, and you can’t “hurt its feelings.” It just offers you a chance to play again. All the endings already exist, and which ending you experience depends on the choices you make.

—I know, I know. “Time does not exist”—

I am not here to predict your future, and I will not do that. This much I can tell you. This much anybody can tell you. If you are not careful, you will get exactly where you are going. If, therefore, you don’t like the way you are headed, change direction.

What do you say? What do you choose? Do you think that you have nothing to do with any of this? I tell you, that would be inaccurate. SOA Certified Professional SOACP S90-04A Training Resources Exams Answers Exams Answers.

Success For SOA Certified Professional S90-04A Practice Exam CertDumps. So You won’t tell me whether the Earth changes will occur or not, is that it?

Exambible S90-04A Exams Answers for SOACP. I am waiting for you to tell Me. You will decide, by your thoughts, words, and actions.

How about the Year 2000 computer problem? There SOA Project Delivery & Methodology are those who are A2090-559 Books saying now that what we HP0-230 Exam Download are now calling the “Y2K” glitch is going to be the cause of a great upheaval in our social and economic systems. Will it be? S90-04A Training Resources Questions PDF Gold Standard.

SOA Certified Professional SOACP S90-04A Training Resources Practice Dumps. This relates directly to your question about Earth changes.

—that’s right. And so?